Top 4 Outfits Of The Week

Instagram: @ashleighchivers

Weeks Feb 13th – 20th

I’m constantly switching up my outfits and I completely forget to take in the outfits I put on and how much I love them, here are my top three favourites from the past week, enjoy!


This outfit is a new discovery to me and I am in love! I recently added this top to my arsenal of graphic tees, white is a step outside for me and you’ll usually catch me all blacked out camouflaging with my own shadow. The t-shirt is really long but I still wore a leather skirt underneath just to double up on my dignity, I think this look is effortlessly grungy. The denim jacket adds the casual balance thats needed from the height and sexiness of the knee high boots, the more I look at these pictures the more I want to change out of my pyjamas and back into it.


Jacket – Shein

Top – River Island

Skirt that you can’t see – Primark

Boots – Boohoo

img_6323img_6328If anyone can spot the fact that these two images weirdly/comically stitch together then points to you. This second outfit is so simple, literally two pieces including the shoes, but even though it is really simple I just had to showcase this dress, the high low boxy shape is very chic and modern, almost harsh looking, so to add a touch of feminine I added these lovely pointed ballet style flats. I thought I was breaking out of my shell of black from the last outfit but I always come back to black. This ensemble could easily be jazzed up with a nice jacket and a couple more accessories. Simplicity is sometimes best!

Dress – River Island

Shoes – Primark

img_6330img_6333I’ve been really into bardot tops lately, I just think they look so elegant. This top has cute little ties at the wrist, I think the girliness of the top combined with the leather skirt and height of the boots ads a nice dynamic overall. I threw my camel coat over top and voila, instantly sophisticated.

Top – River Island

Skirt – Primark

Shoes – River Island


Honestly its pretty risky having my mid section on show when its so cold, but with a thick bomber this outfit actually works really well for this time of year. I bought these jeans from eBay about two years ago, when I received them I was a tad disappointed because they were MASSIVE on my waist, now I can deal with relaxed but not “about to fall to my ankles” relaxed. So a couple weeks back I pulled them out and got to work, these jeans had previously no rips and were just plain mom jeans, I first started ripping holes in the jeans and plucking at the threads to expose the white strings underneath. I then took an old pair of dark jeans out that had broken and worn, I cut them up and sewed a piece of the dark denim onto the mom jeans and it gave a really nice patchwork look, after that I added patches and finished! I think these jeans are such a staple piece paired with a plain top, I’ve fallen in love with them! If you don’t like a piece of clothing anymore, try ripping and cutting it up a bit and see what you get.

Thanks again for reading, I hope you enjoyed browsing through my favourite outfits and maybe found a bit of inspiration!





Bomber Jackets

Bombers dropped in early 2016 and have made their mark, although fashion has shifted forward shops are still stocking beautiful pieces and there are just as many people rocking them. Below I’m featuring some of my favourite bombers and where you can snatch them from!


This silk bomber from H&M is a dream, the tiger embroidery on either side is beautifully detailed and is now a key piece in my wardrobe. It’s a super light weight jacket so now that its winter I just like to layer it up with a thick top underneath and in the summer this bomber would be even more perfect.

How to style it:

Wear it with a pair of mom/ skinny jeans and a tight body suit or top, or optionally wear it with an off the shoulder top and A line skirt.


Ugh seriously can we talk about this beauty! You’re never going to guess where its from.. Didn’t guess? It’s from Primark, and I had it on sale for £10 what a steal! Similar to the previous this bomber has gorgeous embroidery but is much thicker which makes it way more suitable for the bitter UK weather.

How to style it:

Layer the bomber over top of a smock or body con dress paired with some knee high boots, for an extra chic feel take your arms out of the sleeves and leave it hang on your shoulders.



Last  but not least for my top favourite bombers is this one from New Look, the patches all over the jacket make for a really urban feel and what I love about this jacket in particular is the length. Most bombers sit just at the waist but this one drops down to my mid thigh and  I LOVE it, it’s another fairly thin jacket but well insulated. I recently added more patches to it and I love that I can keep adding and it doesn’t look cluttered.

How to wear it:

Layer a long bomber with a pair of skinnies and a graphic tee for a casual look or in turn you can throw on a nice body con dress and a pair of heeled boots or heels for a more dressed up look.

Thanks for reading and I hope you venture into the world of bombers if you haven’t already!