A Guide To Brighton 

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I’m sat here shovelling away starburst on the coach back from Brighton, I think I could possibly be comfort eating because I was so sad to leave such a beautiful city!

In this post I’ll talk all about Brighton and since I didn’t get to see all of it in it’s entirety, everything that I saw, enjoy the read lovelies.

This trip was for myself and my boyfriends 1 year anniversary, we didn’t want to buy presents so we decided to go on an adventure instead.

We stayed in a really beautiful and cosy apartment hosted by a lovely couple through air bnb, this apartment was perfect because it was 5 minutes from the beach and 20 minutes from the North Laines and main attractions of Brighton.


Friday the 24th Feb

I had set ourselves an action plan (yes I am THAT girlfriend) I wanted to be up early to condense as much of Brighton into our day as possible, and to my surprise my boyfriend was awake before 10am and ready to take on the day (you know what I’m talking about ladies, our men like to sleep in!) 

Our first stop was Brighton Pier, a classic tourist attraction. Although a sunny day, it was very windy and it being 10:30 am the pier was quite empty, I heart eyed immediately when we entered the arcade, a classic place for fun and they even had the old fashioned tickets that you cashed for prizes! 

Such a fun place, we could have spent so much time (and money) competeing on whack-a-mole for the rest of the day.

I have to say, the North Laines is a gem for you Brightoners! I had been excited to come here after seeing many of my favourite online personalities such as Zoella, Marzia and Felix visit and shop here on a weekly basis. I was intrigued by its popularity and I wasn’t disappointed, the north Laines is a thriving area with small independent bussinesses from shops to cafes and tiny resteraunts. I got paid on this day which was pretty deadly, I’m all for saving but the plonk of money dropped into my bank account on my dedicated shopping day was a bad omen.

I have to admit I spent most of my money on presents for my family as I simply could not leave with out gifts. JuJu botique and Berts were probably my favourites, I loved that JuJu sold vintage 501 denim but sadly they weren’t the right fit, but that aside I saw so many amazing shops in the Laines that I just could not get over.

If you ever visit Brighton this has to be on the top of your list to visit!

Exiting the laines we wandered over to another shopping area of Brighton (if you live in Brighton you certainly have no shortage of shopping opportunities!) 

I found myself also very in love with this area, it had more of the big brand chain shops such as All saints and Space NK. I found a lot of lovely gifts in this area and something that had been on my list to visit was BoHo Gelato after Zoe Suggs raving reviews, we were most definitely not disappointed, this ice cream was delicious and the fact that it is all hand made is even more impressive, I had the salted caramel gelato and I salivated for a good 10 minutes after I finished.

The final shopping stop of the day was the indoor shopping centre, I picked up a few bits from Pull and a Bear and we took some photos in the urban outfitters photo booth, although massive and contained a few shops we don’t have back home, it had nothing on the shopping district in Cardiff.

Our final stop of the day was the beach, where we caught the most beautiful sunset and I was ever so grateful to have seen it. I had ranted and raved about the old pier structure to my boyfriend and he was just as fascinated buy it as I. Over in the distance you could see the lit up pier as the cool breeze settled in, our first day was perfect and the weather matched.


The Royal Pavillion and Choccywoccydooda

Our second and last day, also our anniversary day! Once again my battle plan was set into action and we set off to the royal pavillion, I had wanted to visit this building for a long time because it’s architecture was so beautiful, the building was dominating over the park and you could see it from quite a way back. We wanted to take the tour but instead sat in the gardens admiring and snapping the building where a seagull so kindly shat on my new back pack, I took it as a blessing that I chose the right bag.

Can I just say, that Choccywoccydooda is heaven on bloody earth. When you enter the shop you’re surrounded by jaw dropping chocolate sculptures that were so amazing and carefully crafted that no one would dare to not call them artists, the shop was extremely busy filled to the brim with tourists and we had to book to sit in the cafe. That aside, the hour wait for the chocolate cafe was amazing, now I’m lactose intolerant as well as gluten intolerant, but the lactose intolerance did not stop me from dousing strawberries in molten chocolate, even at the outcome of having a few hurty spots and a bad stomach, but I drew the line at the brownie and tiffin on the platter as consuming gluten is really painful to me. I swear the cafe is worth the wait, and if you’re not intolerant there are so many amazing options for you to try!

We ended the evening with a beautiful meal in Jamie Oliver’s on black lion street, the food was fulfilling and the perfect way to end our trip and anniversary. If you ever get the chance, please visit Brighton, it is such a beautiful city and has so much to offer, we will definitely be visiting again, I even have living there one day in the back of my mind. I hope you enjoyed reading, I know it was a bit long, but I hope it was a smooth read either way!

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Have a good day everyone!


Top 4 Outfits Of The Week

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Weeks Feb 13th – 20th

I’m constantly switching up my outfits and I completely forget to take in the outfits I put on and how much I love them, here are my top three favourites from the past week, enjoy!


This outfit is a new discovery to me and I am in love! I recently added this top to my arsenal of graphic tees, white is a step outside for me and you’ll usually catch me all blacked out camouflaging with my own shadow. The t-shirt is really long but I still wore a leather skirt underneath just to double up on my dignity, I think this look is effortlessly grungy. The denim jacket adds the casual balance thats needed from the height and sexiness of the knee high boots, the more I look at these pictures the more I want to change out of my pyjamas and back into it.


Jacket – Shein

Top – River Island

Skirt that you can’t see – Primark

Boots – Boohoo

img_6323img_6328If anyone can spot the fact that these two images weirdly/comically stitch together then points to you. This second outfit is so simple, literally two pieces including the shoes, but even though it is really simple I just had to showcase this dress, the high low boxy shape is very chic and modern, almost harsh looking, so to add a touch of feminine I added these lovely pointed ballet style flats. I thought I was breaking out of my shell of black from the last outfit but I always come back to black. This ensemble could easily be jazzed up with a nice jacket and a couple more accessories. Simplicity is sometimes best!

Dress – River Island

Shoes – Primark

img_6330img_6333I’ve been really into bardot tops lately, I just think they look so elegant. This top has cute little ties at the wrist, I think the girliness of the top combined with the leather skirt and height of the boots ads a nice dynamic overall. I threw my camel coat over top and voila, instantly sophisticated.

Top – River Island

Skirt – Primark

Shoes – River Island


Honestly its pretty risky having my mid section on show when its so cold, but with a thick bomber this outfit actually works really well for this time of year. I bought these jeans from eBay about two years ago, when I received them I was a tad disappointed because they were MASSIVE on my waist, now I can deal with relaxed but not “about to fall to my ankles” relaxed. So a couple weeks back I pulled them out and got to work, these jeans had previously no rips and were just plain mom jeans, I first started ripping holes in the jeans and plucking at the threads to expose the white strings underneath. I then took an old pair of dark jeans out that had broken and worn, I cut them up and sewed a piece of the dark denim onto the mom jeans and it gave a really nice patchwork look, after that I added patches and finished! I think these jeans are such a staple piece paired with a plain top, I’ve fallen in love with them! If you don’t like a piece of clothing anymore, try ripping and cutting it up a bit and see what you get.

Thanks again for reading, I hope you enjoyed browsing through my favourite outfits and maybe found a bit of inspiration!




Boots and Watches

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I’m a die hard boots fan, flat boots, heeled boots, chunky boots, platform boots you name it and I’m there. I’m going to show you my favourite pairs of boots and why I love them so much, sorry, but they’re all black!


The first are these chunky sock boots from River Island, the shape and curve of these boots is really unique. I find these really comfortable as well as a really nice staple to a boring outfit, my mum always tells me that I need to stop buying black boots but hey, black goes with everything! I have to admit that black shoes are always easy to throw on and you don’t have to think about them matching, I choose the easy route.


These are the newest addition to my collection and they are drop dead gorgeous! They stretch over the knee with strings to keep the top in place, I hate knee high boots that aren’t tie back because they tend to slip down when you take a few steps. These beauties are from BooHoo and were a steal for £35.99 (brb I’m tearing up)


If a pair of boots were to be a badass boss lady, this would be them. This pair are from River Island, although they are old season so I’m not sure if they’re still available, but they could be on sale! Sock boots blew up during AW16 and I can understand why, they look effortless gorgeous underneath a pair of cropped cigarette jeans and the thick sturdy heel with the squared toe of these babies makes them the definition of chic.

Next we have the watch section of this blog post. Watches are a classic, simple way to spruce up an outfit instantly.


Firstly is this marble beauty that I had from my very kind boyfriend for christmas last year, it’s by a brand called Lola Rose which I had never heard of before until I nearly shed a tear when I saw it in a shop window. It’s marble face and rose gold trim create this beautifully detailed, simplistic watch that complements any wrist.


IMG_1074.JPGI was lucky enough to have had a second watch for christmas from my mum and step dad, I clocked this one in Bristol airport on the way to Portugal (sorry for my terrible puns) but I was saving in time for Christmas at that point. Luckily my mum knew that I had my eye on it and here it is, designed by Swatch this watch is so unusual, it has one of the most beautiful faces that I’ve seen but despite the delicate details the strap is silicone and it has quite a heavy overall appearance. I love this watch, its to bloody die for.


Last, but certainly not least is this Rotary piece that I had for my 18th birthday, it’s so dainty but has a lovely weight to it. It has glow in the dark hands and time points as well as  a date timer.

Thank you for reading yet another post on my blog, and thank you to all who have liked and followed! Don’t forget to leave any suggestions in the comments.


What Could Be Causing You To Breakout

Breakouts, aren’t they just the worst? When you breakout you probably think its mother nature come early or you had one too many sweets, sometimes that isn’t the case. This post will walk you through some of the things that could be breaking you out.

  1. Pillow Cases

I know what you’re thinking, “what, pillow cases?” On average most people change their bed once every two weeks, and every night you rest your face on the same pillow over and over again until you wash them. Think of the times where you’ve fallen asleep with your make up on, moisturised your face, or even fallen asleep drooling as we all do, all those factors build up throughout the days and all the built up dirt starts to clog your pores and latch onto your face. Try changing your pillow case every 3/4 days or even just flip it over to the other side!

2. Using Body Products on Your Face

You know those times where you’re rushing to shower and you skip the face wash and just lather some body wash on your face? Wah wah! When using body products on your face even once in a while as a last resort, the ingredients are far too harsh for the delicate skin on your face hence then causing spots to surface. Instead spare a couple of seconds to take care of your skin with products meant for your face.

3. Over Exfoliating

This one is quite self explanatory, exfoliating leaves your face looking fresh and new but doing it more than 3 times a week can cause your skin to freak out and raise breakout hell!

4. Dirty Hair

I raise my hand to admit that I pretty much only wash my hair once a week (I shower everyday of course!) this is mainly because of my mission to grow my hair, but that aside, when your hair is dirty and the strands brush against your face it can cause breakouts around the perimeter of your face.

5. Gone Off Make-Up

You know that bottle of foundation you bought two years ago but then y0u found a new one, and then the new one ran out so you had to resort to your old one? Well this can cause HUGE breakouts, if you never knew foundation had an expiry date you can find it on the back, the average time for a bottle of foundation is 12 months and if you use it passed its date your skin really doesn’t like it!

I hope you found some tips you never knew about today and enjoyed reading the post, don’t forget to follow my Instagram to stay up to date with me! @ashleighchivers


Bomber Jackets

Bombers dropped in early 2016 and have made their mark, although fashion has shifted forward shops are still stocking beautiful pieces and there are just as many people rocking them. Below I’m featuring some of my favourite bombers and where you can snatch them from!


This silk bomber from H&M is a dream, the tiger embroidery on either side is beautifully detailed and is now a key piece in my wardrobe. It’s a super light weight jacket so now that its winter I just like to layer it up with a thick top underneath and in the summer this bomber would be even more perfect.

How to style it:

Wear it with a pair of mom/ skinny jeans and a tight body suit or top, or optionally wear it with an off the shoulder top and A line skirt.


Ugh seriously can we talk about this beauty! You’re never going to guess where its from.. Didn’t guess? It’s from Primark, and I had it on sale for £10 what a steal! Similar to the previous this bomber has gorgeous embroidery but is much thicker which makes it way more suitable for the bitter UK weather.

How to style it:

Layer the bomber over top of a smock or body con dress paired with some knee high boots, for an extra chic feel take your arms out of the sleeves and leave it hang on your shoulders.



Last  but not least for my top favourite bombers is this one from New Look, the patches all over the jacket make for a really urban feel and what I love about this jacket in particular is the length. Most bombers sit just at the waist but this one drops down to my mid thigh and  I LOVE it, it’s another fairly thin jacket but well insulated. I recently added more patches to it and I love that I can keep adding and it doesn’t look cluttered.

How to wear it:

Layer a long bomber with a pair of skinnies and a graphic tee for a casual look or in turn you can throw on a nice body con dress and a pair of heeled boots or heels for a more dressed up look.

Thanks for reading and I hope you venture into the world of bombers if you haven’t already!


Sweet Peach is Back


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If you know the beauty world chances are your eyes lit up at the sight of this palette, yep Too Faced Sweet Peach is back! Now this is my first Sweet Peach palette, having missed the chance when it released last year. It released in store in Debenhams yesterday and I was lucky enough to attend the launch party, a cute little sit down with swatches galore was set up featuring a demo from one of the lovely make up artists from the Too Faced Counter.

If I’m honest as much as I love make up the thought of this palette costing me £39 stung a little bit, but that’s just because I’m a cheapskate! But god I don’t regret it, this palette smells great, looks great and wears even better! img_1069Ugh those colours, aren’t they amazing? I’m one to usually only wear browns and nudes but when I was having a play about I used “white peach” “just peachy” “candied peach” and “delectable” on my eyes and although it was way out of my comfort zone it was a gorgeous look!

Pigmentation: 9/10

The pigmentation is lovely, one swipe and you’ve got lovely colour pay off, however “just peachy” takes a couple of swishes with your brush to get an intense colour.

Staying Power: 10/10

I couldn’t give this any other rating other than a solid 10, I applied the eyeshadow at 11 am this morning to now when I’m sat here writing this post at 5pm and the shadow hasn’t budged one bit.

Overall this palette is a masterpiece and I count recommend this palette anymore, it fits beginners and it fits masters, its the perfect collection of mattes and shimmers.

Thanks for reading!



Hey! It feels so weird getting back to blogging again, we haven’t met, I’m Ashleigh! I’m a student attending university and studying a degree in Graphic Design, as well as being a health freak I’ve always had a love for fashion and beauty, especially since leaving secondary school. For the past year/two years I’ve always taken great pride in taking good pictures of outfits, make up looks and food and uploading them to my Instagram.

Although the pictures were fulfilling I felt that I couldn’t talk to the full capacity about what I was posting (need I mention that I REALLY love to talk) so I’ve decided  to get back to blogging. I started a blog a while back but struggled to keep up and didn’t find that I had gotten fully into my passions, but I’m back and it feels amazing! I hope you enjoy my blog and find all my content as informative and fun as I hope that it will be!